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USB Network Adaptor Roundup

EPoX 8KHA Reviewed

Control your PC by Remote Control

20x4 Parallel LCD

 Sound Blaster Audigy

Rounding ATA-100 Cables

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Monkey Gadget
USB Network Adaptor Roundup
February 5, 2002
In the recent months, several network based companies have been trying to streamline ethernet (RJ45) into mainstream usage. This has led to the development of USB solutions.
Self Round Cables -- DIY
January 27, 2002
Why round your cables? Improve your airflow, reduce clutter, save time and money. A do it yourself on how to round those cables!!!

Parallel 20x4 LCD
January 27, 2002
You've probably seen them before at a LAN Party or on a case mod website. But you figured you can never do something like that. Right? Well you're wrong. They're easy and cheap to build and program. I'll show you how step-by-step.

TEST Site News Blog
February 09, 2002
Weekend Hardware News Around The Web

Epox EP 8KLM2 MoBo Review @ PC PowerZone
Has EPoX done it again? or, is this a board to stay away from... Read for yourself!

Lian-Li PC-50 aluminum case. @
"Lian-Li have released several new cases over last few weeks and with these new designs hitting the market. we at took a look at some of these new offerings, starting with the PC-50. An ATX aluminum enclosure with some new and interesting features. take a look this latest offering that the Lian-Li company calls an "economical case"."

ABIT Siluro GeForce3 Ti500 @ [H]ard|OCP
"ABIT has surely been a favorite of ours around here over the last few years and recently they too have gotten in to the video card business following the leads of companies like Asus and MSI. They did put together the most OCable GeForce3 card that we came into contact with here on our test benches. How will they fare this time as their Ti500 card just now makes it to market? Let's beat the hell out of it and find out."

ATI All-In-Wonder 8500DV Reviewed @ The Tech Zone
"So you like the All-In-Wonder 7500 but you want more performance and you’re willing to pay the price? Then ATI has the answer for you. The All-In-Wonder 8500DV is like the All-in-Wonder 7500 but it has more. More power, more features, more inputs and 100% support for DirectX 8.1."

Sibak Tech coolers reviewed @ PC PowerZone
These things look bad ass, but or looks enough? "3 new coolers from Sibak Tech, all featuring chrome-drilled fan shrouds and excellent build quality."

Thermaltake Fan Mod @ EXTREME Overclocking
"...about if it was possible to wire up a switch to the fan sensor to go between the sensor control and full speed. In theory it sounded possible, so I decided to try it out on my Volcano 7 fan to see if I could wire in a switch."

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February 07, 2002
3 way USB/Ethernet Roundup

Just finished testing 3 different USB Ethernet adaptors and compared it to a standard NIC. While many won't find these adaptors usefull, it is still interesting to see where the technology is going. The results are also very surprising. So head on over here to read it.

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DoD 2.0

Day of Defeat version 2.0 has just hit the shelves, er the servers. The new version adds many new features plus 10 new maps for your gamming pleasure. More info at the DoD web site

Posted by Yukon at 03:31 PM | Comments (0)
February 06, 2002
News and Reviews people needed!

Calling all web heads. Monkey Gadget is looking for dedicated and loyal patrons to scour the web for interesting news and articles. If you are interested please drop us a line by clicking on the link under the affiliates section.

Also if you just want to contribute now and then, throw a line our way via that link and if we like it we'll throw it up and attribute it to you. So help us out and thanks!

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NVIDIA Launches the GeForce4 GPUs

Alot of news coming from NVIDIA today. The GPU maker announced 3 new chips today.

  • "GeForce4 Ti 4600 and 4400 – The GeForce4 Ti GPU is the first consumer GPU capable of driving complex geometries and character animations. With its advanced nfiniteFXÔ Engine, superior Accuview Antialiasing techniques, and flexible nView multidisplay technology, the GeForce4 Ti GPU allows end users to experience radically immersive graphical environments, complete with unique visual effects and the most realistic, life-like images ever. "
  • "GeForce4 MX 460, 440 and 420 – The GeForce4 MX GPU brings new levels of graphics performance and display flexibility to the mainstream desktop PC. By incorporating NVIDIA’s innovative nView multidisplay technology, highly efficient Lightspeed Memory Architecture™ (LMA) II and advanced Accuview Antialiasing techniques, the GeForce4 MX GPU is the most feature-rich, cost-effective, highly integrated GPU available for the mainstream market."
  • "GeForce4 440 Go and 420 Go – The mobile GeForce4 GPUs integrate innovative power management techniques for unsurpassed battery life, a Video Processing Engine and revolutionary antialiasing technology for superior display quality, and an ultra efficient memory architecture for the fastest computing experience ever realized on a mobile PC platform."
All said to to be in stores soon. View the entire press release @ nVIDIA.
GeForce4 Review/Preview @ [H]ard|OCP

Posted by Disco at 04:57 PM | Comments (0)
Serious Sam: The Second Encounter

In great gamming new the long awaited sequel to Croteam's Serious Sam: The First Encounter (one of my personal favorite games) in now at a store near you! A review of the game will be up as soon as I can get my hands on a copy.

Posted by Yukon at 04:22 PM | Comments (0)
Wednesday Morning News

Multiplaycity EL Case Badge Review @
Shed a little light on the your Case badge.
"We're always looking at ways to personalize our modded case(s) and one of the very popular ways is having a case badge. You will find badges/stickers from CPU manufacturers like the AMD and Intel badges ... You've got neons, cold cathodes, LEDs, EL cables, etc Why not an EL Badge?"

Enermax FS-710BB Server Case Review @ Mikhailtech
"... a good case has many expectations that must be met. Performance, functionality, durability, quality, appearance, expandability, and features are just part of the never-ending list ... For those familiar with Antec, the Enermax is a black and blue hybrid version of the popular SX1030..."

Speeze Socket Cooler Round Up @ GideonTech
They test and compare the AMD approved BigRock, SuperRock and the copper GoldenRock by Sqeeze. All hail the $10 HSF. For anyone looking for a new HSF check out this review!

Lian Li Faceplate Mods @ VoidYourWarranty
"Plenty of people paint their bezels silver to match, and this looks ok. There is no way to match the brushed finish of a Lian Li with paint though, so the truly obsessed modder is most likely going to start thinking about alternatives. I want to present you with my work: custom made faceplates from Lian Li bay covers for the drives and accessories. "

Silverprop Cyclone2 / SilverStorm2 Review @ Mikhailtech
Looks like it was a busy weekend for these guys. This one is for you water cooling freaks! Water block and radiator reviewed.

Posted by Disco at 01:13 AM | Comments (0)
February 05, 2002
ATI reveals 2 new Radeons

ATI puts a twist on there popular Radeon 8500 boards. The RADEON 8500 and the RADEON 8500LE now both powered by 128MB of DDR memory.
According to ATI the main differences between thethe two cards are:
Radeon 8500: VGA, DVI-I and TV Out Suggested Retail Price - $299US
Radeon 8500LE : VGA and TV Out Suggested Retail Price - $199US
But, they have not revealed the clock speed (or a difference in clock speeds between the boards).

Posted by Disco at 01:43 AM | Comments (0)
Gigabyte announces First KT333 Chipset based Motherboard

"Giga-Byte Technology announces the world First VIA KT333 based motherboard with DDR 333 support, ATA 133 RAID, and USB 2.0. ....... RAID 0 (Striping) and RAID 1 (Mirroring) offers a powerful alternative meets your entire requirements. The industry standard USB2.0 work at data transfer speeds of up to 480Mbps (USB1.1 work at data transfer speeds of 12Mb), increase the efficiency on peripherals usage." Check out the complete article at AMDZone

Posted by Disco at 12:35 AM | Comments (0)
February 04, 2002
Welcome our newest affiliate is a new company founded by online gamers to offer affordable website hosting and design. You can get a 100megs of hosting for only $25 a year. They also offer free webhosting for Gaming Clan websites. has a very talented graphic artist and webdesigner that will build you a custom website and graphics with IkonBoard Forums for only $19.95. We just want to thank these guys for giving back to the gaming community.

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NEW!! Sound Blaster Extigy to be released

With all the hype that surrounded the Game Theater XP, Hercules’s external sound card. Creative decided to jump on the wagon with it’s own product. The Sound Blaster Extigy, which I’m told will be in stores within the next week or two, is Creative’s attempt at the external sound card. With 24-bit multi-channel performance at 100dB SNR clarity and Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound it should be great for you audio nuts. It has most all the features of the Sound Blaster Audigy with ports similar to the IR Live Drive. This USB remote controlled unit has optical in/out, line in, mic in, headphone, MIDI in/out, SPDF in, and digital out. The only down side in options seems to be the lack of SB1394 (FireWire). Estimated street price of $149.99US.

Posted by Disco at 01:37 AM | Comments (1)
February 01, 2002
Serial LCD Review from

If you want a LCD but you're not the do it yourself person. Check out the Crystalfontz 632 16x2 Serial LCD review at It's a little expensive at $65US, but cool none the less.

Posted by Disco at 06:29 PM | Comments (0)
January 31, 2002
AOL puts the brakes on Trillian

AOL is on the hunt again. This time shutting down third party software developed by Trillian. That would explain the problems I have been having connecting to the AIM networks. But already, Trillian has released a new version which remedies the logon problems. Head on over the ZDnet to read more. If you are interested in Trillian, you can find it here!

Posted by at 10:36 PM | Comments (2)
New Beta Radeon Drivers Out

ATI has finally gotten around to releasing new drivers for their entire line of cards on all levels. I have given these bad boys a test run and I can say that though problems remain, it is a huge step in the right direction. Check them out here!

Posted by at 10:24 PM | Comments (0)
January 27, 2002
Self Round your Hard Drive cables

There are a few reasons for wanting rounded cables. The most popular reason is for better air circulation in the case. By reducing the cable size air moves easier past a round cable as opposed to a flat ribbon cable. Other reasons are to reduce clutter in a case, and it just looks cool... Check out the whole article here

Posted by Disco at 01:43 PM | Comments (1)
Creative Audigy Review

Creative has stepped into the 21st century in stride. Go read yourself our review here!

Posted by at 12:47 PM | Comments (0)
January 26, 2002
Epox 8KHA Review

Check out why we give this easy overclocker an easy 9 monkey stars! Click on over here to read!

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Return to Castle Wolfenstein

Yukon has written a good review on the game. If you don't have the game I consider it a "must get". Check out both single player and multi player demos.

If you do have the game, great. Make sure you update to 1.1 and get the latest map pack for multiplayer at the RTCW website.

Posted by Disco at 09:09 AM | Comments (0)
We Have Lift Off!!!

After a month and a half of work and discussion it looks as if "all systems are go"! To celebrate Sarge and I will be heading to a LAN party today, hosted by the guys from FragNation. Hopefully I will get some great modded case pictures to start a "Modz Gallery" on this site.

Posted by Disco at 08:34 AM | Comments (1)
Parallel port LCD

You've probably seen them before at a LAN Party or on a case mod website. But you figured you can never do something like that. Right? Well you're wrong. They're easy and cheap to build and program. I'll show you how step-by-step. Just click the picture for the complete article.

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Control your computer with any remote!!!

Learn how to build your own IR sensor for under $15 w/ parts from Radio Shack. Check out the article here.

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